The Keysight 81577A features excellent wavelength flatness and can handle high input power levels. Additionally the 81577A features a power control to set the output power level of the attenuator.

The Keysight 81577A variable optical attenuator features lowest insertion loss and excellent wavelength flatness over a complete attenuation range of 60 dB for characterizing optical network components for telecomunication and data communication in systems. Keysight’s 81577A attenuator features power control functionality that allows you to set the output power level of the attenuator.Features:Built-in Power Meter for Monitoring Low Signal Distortion due to low PDL PMD CDWavelength Flatness: Benefits:The optional integrated power meter allows you to set the transmitted power not the attenuation thus obtaining consistent test results. The high optical performance enables testing of transmission systems and components with minimal impact on the input signal.Unique combination of optical performance parameters gives you the flexibility to use and reuse the modular attenuator in different setups and applications.The integrated shutter protects test equipment and simplifies referencing and power meter zeroing without changes in the setup.Enhanced internal calibration feature reduces uncertainties an d speeds up calibration in multi wavelength applications.

Key Specifications

Key performance specifications

  • High Input Power Level: 2W
  • Wavelength Flatness: < 0.05dB
  • High Attenuation Accuracy < 0.1dB
  • Repeatability < 10mdB