Optical Switch modules for SM/MM fiber based signals

The plug-in module for Keysight’s Lightwave Solution Platform 8163B 8164B 8166B is ideal for flexible system configuration in applications such as transceiver/receiver test with small foot-print or multiple passive component test with complex cascade.The Keysight modular design of the optical switch features a 1×4 matrix in both SMF and MMF with low insertion loss and highly repeatable switch routing in Features:Highest repeatablity specified over 10.000 random switch cycles: 0.03dBGuaranteed lifetime > 10 Mio. cyclesInsertion Loss < 2dBPDL < 0.07dB for Single-mode optionReturn Loss > 55dBCrosstalk up to -70dBHigh switching speed < 10ms

Benefits:Using one test setup for testing DUTs in all transmission bands.High uptime of test system minimize cost of ownership.Minimize test uncertainties maximize power budget enables higher production yield an highly competitive product specifications. Minimize test times – maximize production throughput.Minimal influence on transmitted signal.

Key Specifications

  • Key performance specifications
  • Insertion Loss < 2dB
  • Guaranteed lifetime > 10 Mio. cycles
  • PDL < 0.07dB for Single-mode option
  • Highest repeatablity specified over 10.000 random switch cycles: 0.03dB