The Keysight E2616A is a wedge probe adapter for thin quad flat pack (TQFP) and plastic quad flat pack (QFP).If you’ve ever tried to probe a surface mount component you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following frustrating situations: accidentally shorting IC pins together; electrical and/or mechanical problems with soldering small wires onto leads; and/or holding multiple probes and trying to use your scope at the same time. The Keysight Wedge Probe Adapter provides a solution to these frustrations. It is easy to insert and stays put – no need to solder small wires onto leads. The Wedge is mechanically non-invasive so you won’t damage the legs of the IC. It makes two contact points with each leg of the IC. This redundant physical connection increases the electrical reliability of the connection. Easy connection to surface mount ICs Safe with no chance of shorting Mechanically non-invasive contact Operating voltage: <40 V (dc + peak ac) Operating current: 0.5 A maximum Capacitance between contacts: 2 pF (typical) Self-inductance: 15 nH (typical) Contact resistance: <0.1 Ohm

Key Specifications