3-slot LXI data acquisition (DAQ) / data logger unit with built-in DMM 8 switch & control plug-in modules and standard LAN and USB connectivity to the PC.

The Keysight 34972A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit consists of a 3-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 ½ digit DMM and 8 different switch & control modules. This product features built-in LAN and USB interfaces so you can easily connect to a PC or laptop without needing to purchase additional IO cards or converter interfaces. The intuitive graphical Web interface offers easy remote control over the network with per channel measurement configuration data logging and data monitoring. With the 34972A there is no computer required for field applications. Use a USB flash drive to upload data logging configurations from BenchLink Data Logger into the 34972A and to transfer large data sets back to the computer. Simply connect the USB stick to your PC when you return and easily import into a spreadsheet or other applications for data analysis. The 34972A can accept any of the 34970A plug-in modules. With a simple address change the 34972A is easily integrated into an existing test with no wiring or hardware changes. The plug-in modules also feature on-board screw terminals and relay closure count so you can create a compact data logger full-featured data acquisition system or low-cost switching unit that is easy to connect configure and use on the bench on a network or in field applications. Plug-in Module Product Comparison Keysight BenchVue DAQ app is available for no cost for use with the 34970A and 34972A. BenchVue gives you an intuitive interface for test configuration and real-time data display and analysis. Setup and make measurements quickly export data or use the built-in graphs to log your results. BenchVue Software also supports many other Keysight instruments giving you a single interface for Keysight’s most popular instruments. Download the no cost BenchVue software. Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Key Specifications