The 34461A 6½ digit Truevolt DMM is the Keysight 34401A DMM for the next generation. This DMM offers everything you expect from the industry-standard 34401A and more including the industry’s only 100% drop-in 34401A compatibility.

Keysight’s Truevolt 34461A digital multimeter (DMM) is the new replacement for the 34401A DMM. The 34461A offers everything you’ve come to expect from the industry-standard 34401A with new display capabilities Truevolt measurement performance and the industry’s only solution with 100% drop-in 34401A compatibility. Worry about the quality of your design not the quality of your measurement Patented analog-to-digital converter enables metrology grade architecture Measure your real-world signals not instrument error: minimized measurement error digital AC measurements and expanded measurement functionality All specifications tested compliant and guaranteed according to ISO/IEC 17025 Everything you depend on with the 34401A and more Industry’s only 100% drop-in SCPI compatible replacement for the 34401A DMM Designed by the same team of engineers as the 34401A Looking for more measurement accuracy speed memory AND data logging and digitizing? Check out the 6½ digit 34465A DMM

Key Specifications

Display DMM results in ways you never have before

  • Color graphical display with built-in bar chart histogram trend math and statistics
  • I/O: USB LAN/LXI GPIB (optional)
  • BenchVue Enabled. Control your DMM from your PC to view and capture your data easily.

Measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence

  • 12 measurement functions: DC/AC voltage DC/AC current 2- and 4-wire resistance Diode Continuity Frequency Period Temperature capacitance
  • Basic accuracy: 0.0035% DC 0.06% AC

Move to the next generation 34401A DMM with 100% assurance

  • Industry's only 100% drop-in SCPI compatible replacement for the Keysight 34401A DMM
  • System capability: 1000 readings/second 10 000 reading memory